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Raw Salmon

Raw SalmonMany pescetarians or fish connoisseurs in general insist that one of the best ways to enjoy salmon in its purest most nutritious form is raw. This doesn’t refer exclusively to Japanese sashimi but other preparations as well like carpaccio, ceviche and sushi. Aside from the beautiful rich soft-textured flesh, even the roe (eggs) of this fish is consumed as well in its raw form.

When consuming fish uncooked, it is very important to only use the freshest available product. You can tell from delicate sweetness (not off-smelling and tasting at all) that you’ve bought or ordered the freshest piece of fish that doesn’t need any other ingredient except for perhaps a quick squeeze of lemon.

Eating raw salmon as mainstream practice started during the advent of refrigeration technology. Particularly in Japan, the world’s capital of seafood consumption, sashimi and sushi are relished by everyone from all walks of life in small eateries to the most expensive sushi bars. Together with other healthy eating and living habits, Japanese is known to have the world’s longest average lifespan.

Sushi has taken the world by storm with various dining establishments from fast food to awarded restaurants in practically all countries serving the morsels of sliced fish and seafood combined with other ingredients and sweet vinegar-flavored short grain rice. Sashimi is even a simpler dish that only features the fish with a wedge of lemon, soy sauce and wasabi, a hot condiment made from horseradish.

Salmon pancakes with caviar and wolf fish carpaccio with tender leaves are both fanciful dishes worth a try if you’re able to get very fresh fish.

Another dish worth trying at home is Hawaiian poke which literally takes a few minutes to prepare. Dice the freshest salmon and toss with thinly sliced green onions, soy sauce and a dash of toasted sesame oil.